Chugach Regional Resources Commission is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors composed of one Tribally elected representative from each community. Board members are chosen by their Tribal Councils because of their interest and knowledge in natural resources, environment, and economic/community development projects.

Executive Committee

Port Graham

Patrick Norman



Priscilla Evans


Darrel Olsen


Sheila Jordan (Treasurer)


Sheila Jordan




Boyd Selanoff



Timmy Selanoff

Alternate Member



Sebastian Demas

Alternate Member

Ari Schablein -CRRC - Chugach Regional Resources Commission


Ari Schablein



Melody Wallace

Alternate Member


Nanci Lee Robart


In Memory of

Gary P. Kompkoff

Village Chief • Native Village of Tatitlek • Founding Member of the Chugach Regional Resources Commission

July 21, 1954 – February 20, 2007

Gary Kompkoff was a lifelong Tatitlek resident. Gary and Carolyn Kompkoff had seven dearly loved children: a son Kristopher and six girls named Katherine, Kristi, Kelly, Nanci Lee, Kerry, and Caroline. Gary’s family was the only thing more important than working for his people. At the age of 23, Gary was elected Chief of the Village in Tatitlek and continued as Chief throughout his lifetime. Gary referred to his village, the lands, and waters as ‘God’s Country.’ Gary will carry a legacy for his commitment to meaningful Tribal involvement in and commitment to the sound stewardship, protection, preservation and wise use of the natural resources. Gary’s devotion, talent, and expertise were a positive influence for his community by serving as vice chairman on the Chugach Alaska Corporation board of directors, chairman of the CAC Lands Committee, board member of Chugachmiut, and chairman of the North Pacific Rim Housing Authority. He also served on boards of the Tatitlek Corporation, Prince William Sound Economic Development Council, Copper Mountain Foundation, Chugach Heritage Foundation, and Chugach Museum and Institute of History and Art. Gary was also one of the founding members of the Chugach Regional Resources Commission (Alutiiq Pride) in which he served as vice chairman for many years. Gary will be remembered as a warm, loving and extraordinary man. Gary’s philosophy for life will be remembered by his own words –

“Our job isn’t done until we’ve taught our children not only what our parents and grandparents taught us, but also what we’ve managed to learn along the way. The world is always changing. Sometimes our culture even changes with it. But our values, our basic traditional values, will always remain the same. Always.”

Robert “Moose” Henricks

August 26, 1942 – December 7, 2022

Robert “Moose” Henricks was born in Cordova’s “Old Town,” or Eyak district, to Rose, from Nuchek, and Hollis Henrichs. Bob was a third-generation Cordovan and lived there for over 65 years. He was a well-known and respected figure throughout Alaska. As chairman of the Native Village of Eyak for more than 20 years, he helped Eyak become the first village in the Chugach region to successfully fulfill the mission of Chugachmiut to become a self-compacting organization that was able to seek 638 funds independently. Everything Bob did was for the people. He had a determination, and he fought to make the Chugach region better. Always first to Board meetings, Bob was never bashful in expressing his opinion or requesting action by the delegation. A proud Cordovan, Bob was passionate about subsistence rights and making sure the Tribes were involved in natural resource management. Bob was an advocate and a driving force for CRRC. We will miss him.

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