CRRC employs a staff of 26 people, who are located at the central office in Anchorage, at the Alutiiq Pride Marine Institute in Seward, and at several remote locations around the Chugach region. Depending on specific projects, CRRC has over 15 seasonal workers at the local level throughout the Chugach region.

Administration & Finance



Executive Director

Richelle Donovan

Accounts Payable/Receivable
& Travel Coordinator

Diana Hinton

Grants & Contracts Manager

Alutiiq Pride Marine Institute

Jeff Hetrick


Maile Branson

Science Director

Allison Carl

Biology Laboratory Manager  

Jacob Cohen 

Biology Laboratory Technician

Sean Den Adel

Mariculture Liaison
Prince William Sound

Case Estes

Hatchery Technician

Annette Jarosz


Michael Mahmood

Mariculture & Production Manager

Cora McKean 

Chemistry Laboratory Technician


Nick Jordan

Facility Operations

Briana Murphy

Mariculture Liaison 

Jennifer Wells

Mariculture Technician

Education & Outreach

Carol Conant

Education & Outreach Coordinator

CRRC Robin McKnight

Robin McKnight

Education & Outreach Specialist

Environmental Monitoring

Erin Shew

Climate Change Coordinator

Jeanette "Jen" Paninagar Kiokun - CRRC

Jen Panina Kiokun

Regional IGAP Environmental Coordinator

Tribal Fish & Wildlife

Raven Cunningham

Tribal Fish & Wildlife Director

Brooke Mallory

Special Projects Lead 

Christine DeWeese

Fish & Wildlife Coordinator

Dustin Carl

Tribal Wildlife Biologist

Michael Opheim

Tribal Fish & Wildlife Liaison

Maddy Lee

Tribal Fish Biologist

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