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The mission of the CORaL Network is to create and maintain an ongoing framework that uses resources within the Exxon Valdez oil spill. This includes science outreach that is relevant, co-created, and culturally responsive to our seven regional communities and the communities impacted by the oil spill, including Kodiak Island and the Alaska Peninsula.

Our partners included Alutiiq Museum Archeological Repository, Alaska SeaLife Center, Alaska Sea Grant, Prince William Sound Science Center, and Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies. CRRC works closely with Chugachmiut’s Heritage Preservation Program to support Traditional Knowledge, Sugt’stun language, and culturally rich opportunities related to natural resources in the Chugach region.

CRRC Alaska

CRRC provides courses designed for CORaL Network Partners to gain a better understanding of Alaska Native culture in order to develop a successful working relationship with Alaska Native Tribal governments, people, and organizations.

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Collective Alaska Native Perspectives - CRRC

As part of the CORaL Network, CRRC developed this series to build an understanding of Alaska Native true history, legal
complexities, diverse cultural practices, and the way of life from the perspective of Alaska Native People. Participants will
explore opportunities to learn from other cultures and share experiences through panel participation with Alaska Native Elders
and an all-Native Mentor panel.

Topics include, but are not limited to the following:


Alaska Native societies, history, and spirituality


Alaska Natives and American laws


Cross-cultural communications


Land status


Governments, corporations, and other Alaska Native organizations


Co-management of natural resources


Applied Traditional Ecological Knowledge

CANP Meeting • April 8,9,10, 2024 – Afognak Center, 300 Alimaq Drive, Kodiak, Alaska

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