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CRRC receives funds through the Bureau of Indian Affairs’ Tribal Management/Development Program and the Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Projects under Tribal Natural Resources. This grant supports the development of the Alliance, which is comprised of one member from each of CRRC’s seven Tribes and works with state, federal, and other agencies to develop strategies to protect the well-being of the Chugach people, increase Alaska Native influence in regulation and policy at the state and federal levels, and enhance Tribal fish and wildlife resource management capacity.

Our goal is to protect the well-being of the Chugach people by building Tribal capacity regarding fish and wildlife regulatory processes, which includes submitting proposals and providing written and/or verbal commentary at regulatory meetings and to gain an overall understanding of how this system works to influence regulations. It also supports CRRC staff to develop and implement cooperative agreements, Memorandum of Action, or other type of agreements with governing entities in Southcentral Alaska that are responsible for Federal Subsistence Management under Title VIII of ANILCA.

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